Plant on Life SupportPlant on life support 1plant on life support2Plant on life support1

The plant in question is supported on an IV stand along with an IV bottle, a peristaltic IV pump, a device called  the "Vegitech Photonic Controller," and a neon lamp containing red and blue elements.  Everything is actual, hospital-grade equipment except for the Vegitech unit and the lamp which I constructed myself.  It's all plugged nto a "power ball" at the bottom of the stand.  Nutrients and water in the IV bottle are force-fed to the plant automatically by the Sabratech (c)  peristaltic pump.  The Vegitech controller provides the plant with various forms of pulsating light during specified time intervals.  Everything is programable by the care-giver.  

Post-script:  The plant loved being on life support and grew straight up into the lamp while sporting large, mutated-looking leaves.  Sadly, the plant later died after I took it off the life support and tried to care for it myself  "the old fashioned way."