Neon Feynman MobileFeynman Mobile 2Feynmaan Mobile 1
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This piece was inspired by the QED theory of physicist Richard Feynman.

It is a mobile that is integrated into a ceiling fan.  Air currents from the fan move the mobile elements around gently.  The only neon element that is directly connected to power is the central arrow.  This represents an electron in a Feynman diagram.  The three wavy, neon elements represent photons.
The photons are counterbalanced by weighted sheets of Mylar that reflect images of the photons (This is a conceptual pun: the reflection from a plane mirror is called a virtual image and virtual photons are an important part of the QED theory.)  The photons are not connected to any power source.  As they move into the RF field surrounding the electron (arrow), they light up. As they drift away they turn off.  The unit remains fully functional as a ceiling fan.  The fan, the torus-shaped fluorescent light above the mobile, and the neonpower may be switched on and off independently with swtches on the unit.